Agent Review has partnered with the #1 rated digital business card app to deliver insurance industry specific features to our members

3 Value Added Features For Agents


All member levels (Free, Professional and Verified) have access to the Agent Review digital business card portal that comes pre-loaded with insurance industry specific design elements.


Verified Agent Members gain access to all digital business card premium level features at not cost to them.  This is a concession that is included for all existing and new Verified Agents.


Agent Review will be sharing industry specific best practices along with tips on how to highlight your profile within your digital business card.  Never miss an opportunity to share your contact information!

The digital business card app sends your designed contact information to anyone you meet while simultaneously importing contact info about your new acquaintance.
Ditch the Paper

Digital cards mean you can add more information than a 2x3 piece of paper.

Never Forget Again

Have you ever forgotten your business cards? Have you ever forgot your phone? Thought so.

Send to Any Device

Cards can be viewed even if the person does not have the app.

Clickable Business Cards

Isn't it easier to click a URL vs type it in?  We thought so too - everything on a Digital Card is clickable.

Remember Everyone

Paper cards are held onto 12% of the time. Digital cards collect 100% of the contact info from people you meet.

Get Noticed More

Cards average 4 views per share.   This means more sales for you.

Your Digital Business Card Awaits 

Impress the people you meet. Introduce yourself the new way

Digital Business Card

powered by Inigo App

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  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Design Your Card In Minutes
  • Custom Greeting Messages
  • Export Contacts To Email
  • Saves Everyone You Meet
  • Premium Features Available

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